Questionary of the WSAVA Oncology Committee

The Oncology Committee of the WSAVA made a questionnaire to determine what colleagues all over the world need in matters of oncology. Natalia, our Ukraine director who is part of this working group, is asking for your help to disseminate the questionnaire amongst your members and to fill in the questionnaire created by the WOW WSAVA Cancer Committee.

The committee consists of experienced oncologists from around the world with diverse professional interests. The committee's mission is to help bridge the gap in regional veterinary oncology around the world, to offer practical solutions when resources are limited, both financial and human, and to improve the cancer dialogue between veterinarians, veterinarians and owners, especially when there are linguistic and cultural nuances.

Among the participants who filled out the questionnaire, a winner will be chosen, who will receive free registration for the WSAVA Congress, which will begin soon, on November 14.

In order to take part in the draw, it is necessary to fill in the application form by November 3.

The committee would be very grateful for your help! 

The questionnaire is availbale in different languages: