Veterinary Industry’s 2020 growth comes with a human cost

New research from CM Research & WSAVA shows that whilst revenues and client numbers are increasing, staff are squeezed due to supply & stock issues and the burden of measures in place to manage the pandemic . 

Key findings 

  • Despite the challenges and new ways of working created by the pandemic, for many clinics client numbers are increasing – especially in North America and Australia.
  • The financial impact on clinics has been varied, with certain regions/countries reporting notably better figures than others. Australia and the USA stand out as the two countries where clinics have seen the strongest growth.
  • While veterinary professionals in Australia and New Zealand have a positive outlook on the future and believe we are now coming out of the pandemic, the overall feeling globally is more pessimistic. 
  • Issues with stock and the supply chain have been widespread, especially in North America. Pharmaceutical products and PPEs are the areas most affected.
  • Clinic activities have also shifted, with offerings such as home visits and routine check-ups typically reduced or stopped altogether in most regions. Pet vaccination levels have also dropped, especially in Western Europe.

COVID-19 impact on the global veterinary market (VetsSurvey 2020 part 1)